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Just Released: The Reading Desk: Interview with A.M. Watson – by Peter Donnelly

Read this insightful and emotional interview from The Reading Desk., by Peter Donnelly, of A.M. Watson, Author of Infants of the Brush, A Chimney Sweep’s Story.

“A.M. Watson: Each person has a soul, and if you spend enough time looking, you can find both redeeming and reproachful qualities in everyone. You see flaws and recognise the values that form their behavior. I thought about and analyzed my characters until I could give each one the essence of a soul. For example, Daniel Armory, the vilest character in Infants of the Brush, is an absolute cad. I get angry just thinking about him. However, he never kidnapped a child. Armory either paid a fair market price for each child or asked for volunteers at parish orphanages. In his own view, and that of society at the time, he was an honest businessman. It was this societal standard that allowed Daniel Armory to subject children to horrendous working conditions with impunity.”

“When you understand a desperate woman clinging to the remnants of her life or an abused child fighting for a chance at freedom, you see beyond categories and stereotypes and find humanity.”

Read the entire interview.